Cavity solitons (CS) are solitary waves in a nonlinear optical cavity (see 'Overview').

The FunFACS project aims at greatly enhancing the scope of cavity soliton science and technology through research into their Fundamentals, Functionalities, and potential Applications. It proposes to realise scientific breakthroughs with a large potential impact in opto-electronics by the demonstration of self-sustained cavity soliton lasers based on semiconductor lasers, i.e. devices where all energy is drawn from an incoherent source.

In particular, it is aimed at

Finally, the project is concerned with the fun of working with cavity solitons.

The project terminated with a successful review on Nov 28, 2009.

We are still updating the News and the Paper section with FunFACS relevant dissemination material.

Main Results:

1. Realization of cavity soliton laser with frequency-selective feedback .

2. Proof-of-principle demonstration of soliton based all-optical delay line.

3. Theoretical characterization of prerequisites for Cavity Light Bullets.

4. Highlighting the possible relevance of nonlocal coupling for cavity solitons.

5. Realization of cavity soliton laser based on saturable absorption.